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Moroccan Lamps & Lanterns

Moroccan lighting, upscale Moorish light fixtures and Moroccan lanterns can add a romantic mood and an exotic ambience to any space. Tazi Designs in California offers a wide range of high-end Moroccan lamps, upscale Moorish lanterns, Moroccan sconces and wall lights, quality Moroccan pendant lights and Moorish fixtures. All our Moroccan lighting fixtures and chandeliers are hand-made and most are exclusive to Tazi Designs. We are the leading supplier of innovative Moroccan lighting and new style Moroccan lanterns. Peruse our Moroccan lighting store for that special Moroccan glass lantern or Moroccan hanging brass fixture. We supply designers across the country with Moroccan chandeliers and custom fixtures. Check out our hanging lamps and lanterns for home lighting. Moroccan style Kitchen light pendants and bathroom vanity sconces are one of our specialities. Our contemporary style Moroccan hospitality lighting fixtures have been featured in luxury hotels in Palm springs California, Arizona, Las Vegas, Texas, New York, Dubai, UAE, Egypt and England. Regarding wiring, Moroccan lamps and lanterns are imported into the US without electric components. The main reason is the different wiring standards between the United States and Morocco. Lamp kits and custom wiring is available as well as UL certification. Contact Tazi Designs in San Francisco for custom Moroccan lighting and high-end Moorish light fixtures. Tazi Designs' California lighting shop works from an architectural plan or a designer drawing to produce high quality Moroccan and European style lighting for residential and commercial spaces. Inquire Today about our custom lighting design and fabrication of luxury Moroccan lanterns.

Moroccan Sconces

We offer Moroccan sconces, Moroccan wall lights, Mediterranean outdoor sconces, Moorish sconces, Moorish wall lamp, Moorish wall light, and other Moroccan light fixtures. The Moroccan wall sconces tend to be just a "shell" that would mount on the wall over the light box. The light bulb and the socket could be hot-wired to the wall, and the Moroccan sconce would be simply placed over the light box. Some of the Moroccan light pendants may work as a wall-sconce hanging off a hook, wall-bracket. WIRING AND SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED.

Brass Wall Sconce Medina Hotel

Moroccan Outdoor Lanterns

Tazi Designs offers standard Moroccan Lanterns and outdoor lighting at every budget as well as high end Moroccan lighting. Whether you are looking for a simple but exotic gift, or building, remodeling a home, incorporating Moorish architecture theme with high end Moroccan fixtures, Tazi Designs can help. We offer Moroccan lighting, Moroccan garden lanterns, Moroccan outdoor lantern, high end Moorish lanterns, Mediterranean lanterns, Moroccan hanging lanterns and Moroccan floor lanterns. WIRING AND SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED.

Moroccan Outdoor Lanterns for Candle

Moroccan Hanging Lamps

Your exclusive source for quality Moroccan lighting, Moorish lighting, Moroccan hanging lanterns and Moroccan light fixtures. Moroccan hanging lights offered by Tazi Designs range in price from less than $50 to $2500 or more for the high-end Moroccan chandeliers. Choose from our online Moroccan lighting catalogue or contact Tazi Designs lamps plus showroom in San Francisco, California for more information about our luxury Moorish lights selection fit for a palace. Now serving and shipping Moroccan style light fixtures to the following counties: Napa, Sonoma, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Orange County, Palm Desert, Irvine, Long Beach, Hollywood, Laguna beach, Newport beach, Palm Springs, Carmel, Monterey bay, Malibu, Burbank, Pasadena, Glendale, Alhambra, Bakersfield, Palo Alto, San Mateo, San Jose, Manhattan beach, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Oxnard, Redondo beach, San Bernandino, San Ramon, Santa Clarita, Santa fe, Sherman oaks, Venice, Ventura, Los altos, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Fremont, Walnut Creek, Los gatos, Menlo Park, Hills Borough, New York, Manhattan, Washington DC, Texas, Chicago, Miami, Palm Beach, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Seattle and more US cities. WIRING AND SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED.

Moroccan Brass Chandelier - Pomegranate

Large Moroccan Fixture

Moroccan hanging fixtures and Moroccan pendant lamps come in varying qualities. The metal gauge used to construct a Moroccan fixture is as important as the Moroccan fixture style and design. For large Moroccan fixtures we opt for a heavier, thick brass gauge. The thickness of the metal used gives the Moroccan pendant fixture more substance and integrity. Substantive Moroccan fixtures look beautiful and last longer. WIRING AND SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED.

Large Moroccan Chandelier

Ceiling Light Fixture

We offer a large selection of handmade Moresque ceiling lamps, Moroccan ceiling light fixtures, Moorish lamps for low ceiling and made-to-order flush-mount lighting. Please contact our San Francisco showroom in California for Moroccan ceiling lights, Mediterranean style lights and custom Moorish ceiling lights. Tazi Designs commissions dozens of Moroccan craftsmen to make exclusive lighting designs for our trade clients. We ship our artisan-made lighting to New York, Los Angeles, San Jose, Hollywood, Seattle, Portland, Houston, Austin Texas, Miami Florida, Chicago, Manhattan, New Jersey, Hawaii, and anywhere in the US. Arabesque lighting projects in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE, Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other parts of the world would ship directly from our Morocco facility. WIRING AND SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED.

Filigree Ceiling Fixture Light

Moroccan Table Lamps

Upscale artisan-made lighting fixtures from Morocco. Traditional craftsmanship combined with contemporary design sensibility. Using a fine blade fretsaw tool, the master artisan starts by placing a paper pattern of a complex drawing onto a brass sheet. then carefully does the intricate cutting work following the curves of the pattern on paper. Brass is cut, sculpted and engraved with extreme finesse. The fretsaw tool, called "serrouj" in Morocco, gives this style of Moroccan lighting a high level of craftsmanship not found otherwise in the standard Moroccan lanterns. The high quality of these Moroccan lights is enhanced by hand-engraving over the brass metal giving them added texture and beauty. An art of brassware that is still practiced among fine craftsmen in Morocco. Tazi Designs offers custom light fixtures for residential and commercial lighting projects. Fast shipping worldwide. For a quote contact Tazi Designs in San Francisco, California. Lamps ship from San Francisco or Morocco depending on stock availability and project site. WIRING AND SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED.

Table lamp - Pear

Modern Moroccan Lighting

We now offer a variety of contemporary Moroccan lamps and modern pendant lights. We understand that sometimes you are looking for a hand-crafted fixture but the space may require a modern style Moroccan fixture. So, we have come up with a new kind of Moroccan pendant lighting and modern Moroccan sconces that offer the wonderful mood lighting that the Moroccan lanterns are known for but that can also fit in a contemporary space. We appreciate your feedback and comments as we strive to improve our selection of Moroccan fixtures and Moorish style lighting. WIRING AND SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED.

Contemporary style pendant light - Silver Lit

Vintage Moroccan Lamps

This section is dedicated to GREAT souk finds, one-of-a-kind lights, and vintage Moroccan lamps. Over the years, scouting the treasures of the medina we have gathered few unique pieces which we are featuring in this section. Please note that re-production of some of these lighting finds is possible, but expect some variation. While the production techniques are still about the same, the metal gauge may not be as heavy as what was used before. I hope you will enjoy browsing such wonderful vintage lighting fixtures and as always don't hesitate to reach out to one of our associates should you have any questions. Thank you! SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED.

Moroccan Pendant Light - Hammam

Hospitality Lighting


Rustic Pendant Light  - Gramophone

Moroccan Pendant Light

Choose from our online selection of unique Moroccan pendant lights, custom bathroom and kitchen lighting fixtures. We supply handmade Moroccan lighting pendants to the trade. Our selection includes Moroccan hanging lamps, Moroccan glass lanterns, bronze filigree lights, Moorish lamps and lanterns as well as luxury Moorish lighting fixtures fit for a palace. We ship our Moroccan lamps anywhere in California, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, New York, Miami Florida, Chicago, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and all of North America. Lighting Projects in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, England, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Japan, Moscow Russia and other parts of the world would ship directly from our Moroccan lamp shop in Marrakech and Fez. Tazi Designs lighting fixtures and pendant lights have been featured in esteemed residential projects in exotic vacation properties, many hotels, restaurants and spas around the world. WIRING AND SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED.

Dark Bronze Sphere Light

Custom Lighting Design

Tazi Designs offers custom lighting fixtures, designed and built at our San Francisco shop. We use hand-crafted lamp shades from Morocco to make creative lighting to the design community in San Francisco and beyond. Our creative ceiling lights, unique pendants and custom chandeliers are built to your specifications and ship anywhere around the world. We use UL listed brass lamp parts of the highest quality to make our custom lighting fixtures. We welcome your design input and strive to deliver unique light fixtures for your residential or commercial project. Whether you are in New York, Miami or Dubai Tazi Designs can custom-make your special light fixture and ship it to you. Choose from our online inventory or contact us for a quote. SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED. PLEASE ALLOW 6 TO 8 WEEKS TO OBTAIN THESE LANTERNS.

Floating Shades of Light

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