Collection of Moroccan salon, moroccan couch, middle eastern living room, Moroccan sofa, upholstered arabian style furniture, middle eastern decor and moorish design seating. Moroccan living room and Moroccan daybed. low cushion seating middle eastern style. moroccan wood platform, moroccan sofa, middle eastern carved wood panels for arabian salon. Choose from our online catalogue of Moroccan sofas or contact us to order a custom sofa Moroccan style.

Moroccan Sofa
Moroccan Sofa
A Moroccan Sofa by Tazi Designs. Made in Morocco.
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Sofa 101
Sofa 101
Custom sizes are available.
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Mousharabi Sofa
Mousharabi Sofa

This Moroccan Mousharabi sofa is made using mahogany wood imported from France and linen slip covers from Italy. This elegant Moorish style sofa uses a solid wooden frame with mousharabi on the front, the sides and the entire back of … Continued

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Sale! Syrian Folding Chairs
Syrian Folding Chairs
Walnut wood chairs in Syrian style carving and wood-inlay.
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Sofa Platfom – Syrian-Style Carving
Sofa Platfom – Syrian-Style Carving
This solid Mahogany wood Moroccan sofa is carved in the syrian style with bone inlay.
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Sale! Palmeraie Moorish Lounge Chair
Palmeraie Moorish Lounge Chair
Low chair hand-made in Morocco.
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Sale! Oriental Chair
Oriental Chair
Maillchort silver metal hand-pierced detail adds an oriental flare to this solid platform lounge chair.
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Sale! Moroccan Wood Chair with Woven Seat
Moroccan Wood Chair with Woven Seat
Carved wooden chair with Moorish design handmade in Marrakech, Morocco.
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Sale! Moroccan Chair Essaouira
Moroccan Chair Essaouira
Moroccan armchair made from Tweya cedar wood.
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Moorish Sofa Bed
Moorish Sofa Bed
Mahogany wood in Syrian-style wood carving.
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Sale! Contemporary Moroccan Wooden Bench
Contemporary Moroccan Wooden Bench
MATERIALS: Solid wood legs and body.
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