Antique Moroccan inlaid dressers, trunks,, Syrian amoire, and more.

Sale! Vintage Moroccan Double-Door
Vintage Moroccan Double-Door
A Handmade Vintage Moroccan Double-Door. Made in Morocco.
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Sultana Vintage Moroccan Lantern
Sultana Vintage Moroccan Lantern
An Exclusive Moroccan Light Fixture from Tazi Designs.
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Sale! Syrian Mother-of-Pearl Cabinet
Syrian Mother-of-Pearl Cabinet
The inlay wood furniture from the Middle East and North Africa make a great addition to a traditional or a contemporary home.
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Sale! Indian Wood Inlay Buffet
Indian Wood Inlay Buffet
Timeless pieces of home furnishings to enjoy generation after generation.
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Large Mother-of-Pearl Mirror
Large Mother-of-Pearl Mirror
Make a statement with this dramatic mother-of-pearl floor mirror.
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