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Moroccan Outdoor Lights

Tazi Designs offers standard Moroccan Lanterns and outdoor lighting at every budget as well as high end Moroccan lighting. Whether you are looking for a simple but exotic gift, or building, remodeling a home, incorporating Moorish architecture theme with high end Moroccan fixtures, Tazi Designs can help. We offer Moroccan lighting, Moroccan garden lanterns, Moroccan outdoor lantern, high end Moorish lanterns, Mediterranean lanterns, Moroccan hanging lanterns and Moroccan floor lanterns. WIRING AND SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED.

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Copper Lantern

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Hospitality Lights

Amabilia Moroccan Lantern


Hospitality Lights

Moorish Exterior Wall Light


Hospitality Lights

Spanish Lantern – Marbella


Hospitality Lights

Moorish Entryway Lantern 22

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