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We offer Moroccan sconces, Moroccan wall lights, Mediterranean outdoor sconces, Moorish sconces, Moorish wall lamp, Moorish wall light, and other Moroccan light fixtures. The Moroccan wall sconces tend to be just a “shell” that would mount on the wall over the light box. The light bulb and the socket could be hot-wired to the wall, and the Moroccan sconce would be simply placed over the light box. Some of the Moroccan light pendants may work as a wall-sconce hanging off a hook, wall-bracket. WIRING AND SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED.

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elongated wall sconce


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wall sconce – Muzar



Wall sconce

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Wall sconce – Mishlifen


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Outdoor sconce – Tiburon

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Stela Wall Sconce


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Cornu Wall Sconce


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Eques Wall Sconce


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Rusticus Moroccan Sconce


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Cypri Moroccan Wall Sconce


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Facem Moroccan Wall Light

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