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Our Moroccan mosaic dining tables are offered in different sizes and multiple mosaic colors. We offer traditional Moroccan hand-cut mosaic tile tables as well as contemporary patio tables. We stock and ship mosaic tables from our San Francisco warehouse. We ship our Moroccan Tables anywhere in California: Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, Oakland, Palo Alto, Mill Valley, Sonoma, Napa, Monterey, Carmel, Santa Cruz, Bakersfield, San Diego and Santa Monica. We also ship our Mosaic tables to Las Vegas, Portland, Albuquerque New Mexico, Phoenix, Tuscan Arizona. Contact our San Francisco showroom to enquire about shipping cost of Moroccan mosaic tables to New York, Miami, Orlando and Other US cities. Mosaic tables for projects in Europe and the Middle East may ship directly from our Zellij production shop in Morocco.

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