Enjoy Moroccan tea tradition!


In Morocco, mint tea is enjoyed throughout the day.



In Morocco, mint tea is enjoyed throughout the day. It is one of those simple pleasures that is so soothing. It breaks the day and brings people together.

semi-antique, or “been-to-marrakech” tea pots and trays as I like to call them, as well as hand-decorated Moroccan tea glasses are all available through TAZI Designs.

Moroccan silver, brass, or copper trays start at $150
tea pots at $72 and
Moroccan tea glasses set of 4 for at $29.

We hand select our trays from piles of vintage trays in the Moroccan souks to offer you a selection of vintage Moroccan tea trays with the most interesting patterns.

Note: Sizes and designs vary from one teapot to another and from one tea tray to another adding to the charm and the unique character of these items. They are all, however, in perfect usable condition. Please call us or send us an email if you would like to receive photos of specific trays in stock for you to choose from. Thank you.

Photo by: Alan Keohane.