Moorish Lamp – Sphere Light 12 Gold


Gold brass finish.


Gold brass finish.

This Brass contemporary Moorish lamp in antique finish is hand made in Morocco and is part of our new Moorish lighting collection offered by Tazi Designs. this line of contemporary Moorish lighting is made with a greater attention to details. We place more emphasis on the quality of the materials used, a high standard of craftsmanship and a smooth uniform finish.

Production method: Using a fine blade fretsaw tool, the master artisan starts by placing a paper pattern of a complex drawing onto a brass sheet. then carefully does the intricate cutting work following the curves of the pattern on paper. Brass is cut, sculpted and engraved with extreme finesse.

The fretsaw tool gives this style of Moroccan lighting a high level of craftsmanship not found otherwise in the standard Moroccan lanterns. The high quality of these Moroccan lamps is enhanced by hand-engraving over the brass metal giving them added texture and beauty.

An art of brass ware that is still practiced among fine craftsmen in Morocco.

Wiring and shipping not included.

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Dimensions 12 x 14 in