Moroccan Ceiling Light, Dish Nickle 40


Dish – nickel finish – Metal: copper nickel alloy


Dish – nickel finish – Metal: copper nickel alloy

Copper nickel alloys vary in composition and have an outstanding resistance to corrosion, particularly sea water. The metal is often used in automotive applications, marine, coins, resistance wire and other specialized applications. Copper nickel alloys have been used in Morocco for many years. Some typical uses in the artisanal world have been tea trays, tea pots and other decorative home goods. Due to its increased price in recent years, artisans have been using it less in their handmade products. The metal is still available and we do use it occasionally for some of our lights. Please inquire with one of Tazi Designs sales associates at the showroom should you have any questions.

Wiring and shipping not included.

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Dimensions 40 x 8 in