Moroccan Pendant Light Small Grape


Our smallest grape Moroccan pendant light.


Our smallest grape Moroccan pendant light. Using a fine blade fretsaw tool, the master artisan follows a complex floral or geometric pattern and does the intricate cutting work. The fretsaw tool, called “serrouj” in Morocco, gives these Moroccan lamps a high level of craftsmanship and beauty not found otherwise in the standard Moroccan lanterns. The high quality of these Moroccan lamps is enhanced by hand-engraving over the brass metal giving these lanterns added texture and beauty.

Wiring and shipping are not included.

WIRING: Please note that lighting products are priced without electric components. Because of the different wiring standards in Morocco, the wiring is done in the United States and is priced separately. We offer custom wiring out of our Sausalito, California shop and we use high-quality lamp parts to wire each fixture. UL listing is also available at an additional charge.

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Stock: please check availability with Tazi Designs San Francisco (415) 503-0013.

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Dimensions 4.5 x 9 in