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Moroccan Sconce – Dish 40


Spectacular sconce hand-made in Morocco.

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Spectacular sconce hand-made in Morocco. Exclusive custom lighting from Tazi Designs in California. This beautiful wall lamp is made in the standard size we offer or custom-made in the dimensions you provide. This custom oriental light fixture can work as a ceiling lamp or as a wall lamp. The brass is hand-cut in an elaborate geometric pattern by our master artisan in Morocco.

If you are in San Francisco, check out the lighting we did at Maroc, an upscale hookah bar, on 16th Street, between Valencia and Guerrero Street.

Be aware of cheap knock-offs and online scammers. Sadly, there is at least one Moroccan import company we know of who has been taking our online images and our custom designs and is posting them on their website. Ask for multiple images of the fixtures you are buying online to see different angles, which will help you determine the integrity of the supplier. The supplier in question does not have any lamps in stock and will claim to custom order your lamp.

The images are copyrighted and are the property of Tazi Designs, Inc.

Wiring and shipping are not included.

WIRING: Please note that lighting products are priced without electric components. Because of the different wiring standards in Morocco, the wiring is done in the United States and is priced separately. We offer custom wiring out of our Sausalito, California shop and we use high-quality lamp parts to wire each fixture. UL listing is also available at an additional charge.

SHIPPING: Please provide a complete address for shipping quote.

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Dimensions 40 x 40 in