Punched Brass Pendant Light

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Pin Hole Egg Moroccan Light


Pin Hole Egg Moroccan Light

This egg shape brass pendant spherical lamp from Morocco is part of Tazi Designs Modern Moroccan lighting.

It has a beautiful filigrain ball light.

A master craftsman creates each of our fixtures with the utmost quality and level of detail. This beautiful pendant light has an overall pindot pattern and when illuminated, casts a stunning shadow.

The art of brassware is still practiced among fine craftsmen in Morocco and exemplified in our Modern Moroccan light collection.

Designer to-the-trade program available in San Francisco, California, New York, Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada, Florida and other markets in the US.

Wiring and shipping not included.

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Please note that most of the Moroccan lamps are imported into the US without electric components because of the different wiring standards. We offer lamp kits for $50. We can wire the light for an additional fee.

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Dimensions 14 x 17 in