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White & Blue Mosaic table 48


Mosaic outdoor table in 48″ diameter.


Mosaic outdoor table in 48″ diameter. Patio table includes wrought iron table base.

This patio tile table is made in Morocco using hand-cut zellij tile. Just like a puzzle, each piece of mosaic Zellij, Zillij is hand-cut and laid down to create the elaborate geometric pattern of this authentic Moroccan table. The table top is reinforced with metal bars and concrete cement to give this patio table substance and durability. The wrought iron base comes in mediterranean rust finish or black matt finish. You can leave the table outside at all times. An occasional coat of metal varnish is necessary to maintain the iron as well as re-grouting the tile top once every 2 years or as necessary.

Other color combinations are available. Please refer to the mosaic tile colors in our architectural section.

This table is available in 36″ and 55″ diameter

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Dimensions 55 x 30 in